Blankenberge marina is one of the weak links along our coast. In September 2016, the coastal division therefore began work around the port to protect the city from flooding by the sea. Together with the town of Blankenberge, the coastal division has built an architectural storm wall around the harbour, while at the same time bringing new life to the marina surroundings. The result will not only be safer, but also more stylish and greener.

Besides increasing coastal safety, much attention is also being paid to the functional added value. An integrated approach should lead to an area that is protected from flooding by the sea, in addition to taking the opportunity to ensure staying, living and working in the port area is more attractive. The intention is to give the marina a stronger, coherent identity.

The storm wall will be of varying height and will be integrated in the environment. This means that in some places, the wall can be used as a bench, while the feeling of the dunes will be brought from the west to the east by the introduction of local coastal plants. To preserve openness and access, there will be occasional openings in the wall. During a storm, mobile defences will be positioned at those places to ensure the required protection and safety. The uniform design means it will be possible to take a walk around the whole harbour and hikers and cyclists can intuitively follow the entire route. So-called readability will therefore vastly improve. The end of the work is planned for May 2018.

Residents, hospitality business operators, yacht clubs and other interested parties were informed of the work during an info evening; a copy of the presentation given at this evening can be found here (dutch).

The work for the construction of the storm wall started on 5 September 2016. A detailed plan and the changes to the traffic layout can be found here (dutch).